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  1. Interest Inquiry

  2. Screening and Interview

    • TCOE-BHS support team will send an email to the intern to conduct an interview. 

    • Details of our two internship pathways are described during the interview. 

  3. TB Test and Live Scan

    • All interns are expected to get a TB test and a Live scan* (background check) before beginning internship. *Live scans are paid through the TCOE program.

  4. Intern Orientation

    • Upon receiving clearance from Human Resources, the intern will receive an invitation for Intern Orientation where they will complete required trainings, review legal HR documents, and agency policies/procedures

  5. Field Hours

  6. Requirements for Internship 

    • Commit a full academic year (August through May) for the continuity of care of our clients and families. 

  7. Group Supervision

    • Participate in our mandatory two-hour group supervision sessions held every Friday morning to benefit from our training, consultation sessions, and cohort collaboration. 

  8. Training and Learning Agreement

    • Individual (1 Hr) and Group Supervision (2 Hrs)  will be scheduled for all interns 

    • A schedule of training will be provided, along with materials/supplies

    • The clinical supervisor will  support the intern in developing and signing their individualized Learning Agreement 

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